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Okie,My friends have been forcing me to write down about myself a long time.Here I go.

I am Abhishek Singh Mandloi, pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering from Indore(Heart of India).

I got recruited in Infosys in my 3rd year.It was 21st March- one of my most memorable experiences for life.I don't know how I did it but I believe that day was for me.

Its been 6 years,since I am in Indore,quite an interesting place though, but lesser in terms of exposer related to latest technologies and trends.This factor drove me towards blogging. Basically, part-time blogger at http://www.coolaery.co.nr/ and as an interest I have also started http://www.songscrap.blogspot.com/ .

I did my 11th and 12th from Indore itself from Laurels International,my pre-schooling belongs to suburb in Khandwa.
My father is a Engineer in NVDA (Narmada Valley Department Authority). Apart from my own craving and inquisitiveness, my father has been a true inspiration in finding a niche for me,in this wide and endless stream of knowledge.
My mother is principal of NGO school, my real source for zeal and enthu. my etiquette's my helpful nature, all inherited protected class.
I have a very rich friend circle whom I value the most.Apart from approx 200 friends I have some true friends with whom I spend some quality time.(you know how frustrated hostel life becomes)

I don't feel to write more coz I am writing what I know for years.Whatever comes new in my life, I would certainly put up here or else ask me at coolaery [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can also catch me at ORKUT or Facebook.

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Funny said...

dude...ur efforts r very appreciable...but y don u upload more n more english songs...n latest songs,...?
That wud b much more fun....

Vijayant said...

Hello dear

I really like it...but kindly upload some senti love songs in hindi also...wonderful on ur part...well bout me m dentist here in chandigarh...bye

Dr.Vijayant Kapur

Anonymous said...
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Bittu said...

Hey Buddy You R Rocking.......The website is awesome, ultimate and i really find it useful. Thanks for such wonderful ideas and thoughts. I really Appreciate ur work. All The Best.....

Anonymous said...

awesome content to watch out man.the website really rocks as it is kept updated ...way to go...................................

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